Have you ever tried to hang a heavy large mirror on the wall; chances are that homeowners often try new things to boost the aesthetics of home by hanging wall mirror themselves? But before you try to perform the task of an expert, you need to consider a few things to place and maintain your mirrors perfectly on the wall. Let us help you to go through some steps to determine the best practices for hanging wall mirrors.

Step 1:

The first and most important thing for hanging a big wall mirror in your house or office is to determine what type of wall you have. Walls can be of different types such as plaster, drywall, or Mansory. To see if you have a drywall plaster in your room; simply push a tack in the wall. The characteristics of drywall permits you to push a tack easily into the wall, if it goes the opposite way, then you can imply that the wall is a plaster, not a drywall.

Step 2:

A wall mirror needs to have a strong frame. If you get a brand new wall mirror from the store which already has a hardware attached, it is safe to hang in simple situations. However, in some dire circumstances, it is essential to replace the mirror frame with angle brackets to reinforce the frame.

Step 3:

Try to weigh the mirror before you hang it on the wall so that you can have a better idea about the mirror’s weight and how its weight and size will impact the wall. To weight the mirror, get a bathroom scale; most hardware packagings that come with mirrors list the hardware weights that make it easy for homeowners to complete their all-important task.

Step 4:

Now that you a better idea of your wall type and the heaviness of the mirror to be hanged, the next step is to continue your brilliant efforts to locate a best suitable place to hang the mirror. Locate the best place by locating it over the stud; mark the center of the stud and do ignore the utilities attached to it. Take care if the stud is near a light switch or a faucet. Finding studs on the wall is not a complicated process if you read some online guides or consult the experts for that matter. Learn about studs and locate them successfully before hanging mirrors on the wall.

Step 5:

Always hang a mirror with hooks by holding the mirror in place with your hands firmly. Keep the mirror close to eye level and mark the wall near the top edge. Get a good painter tape or a pencil to complete your marking process. It is crucial to guide you the correct alignment and placement of mirrors.

Step 6:

You will probably see the D-rings on the back of the wire. Use can use two hooks on the wall to hang the rings. Stick a long tape to mark between the D-rings. The space between the hooks must be appropriate to make the job easy.

Step 7:

Now mark the location of the hooks on the wall where you wish to place hooks. To secure the bottom of the mirror, add some numbers that will help to save the mirrors from scratching the walls.

Step 8:

It’s the end of hardware, now you are set to hang the mirror on the wall on the hooks.

More Ideas to Hang the Mirrors on Walls

The concept of covering the entire entranceway by installing mirrors is a unique one; mirrors serve as great elements in a smaller space; therefore, hang the mirrors on a gallery wall to increase its artistic look and provide a twist to the conventional wall décor. Moreover, you can add wall mirrors on the bathroom walls at different places including over the sink. If the bathroom walls are small, then you can add a medium sized mirror to better suit the size of your wall. A bathroom with a perfect combination of a bathtub and a chandelier can have a wall mirror that will add a touch of exclusiveness and provide charm to the bathroom.

You can use mirror pendants effectively to gain more benefit from the mirrors. Since mirrors are brilliant functional objects in your entire home, hanging the pendant mirrors can benefit the homeowners even more as compared to not having them at all. The wall will demonstrate a much stronger statement after hanging the pendant mirrors; more fashionable appeal to your house is in your hands. Finally, you can create a mirror motif that can become a brilliant piece of eye-catching decoration on your house walls. these simple and lovely hacks can help your home to provide an ideal look with the addition of large and small sized mirrors on the walls.